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Rev. Ray's Daily Devotion

It was an antique cabinet that had seen some hard years. “Let’s get rid of it,” the couple agreed; so, they placed it by the road. The same day a truck stopped and picked up the discarded piece of furniture and hauled it off.

Have you ever been glad to see something finally get hauled off? Now you have space for something new. Did you ever regret getting rid of something that you thought you did not want?

There is a story of a man who bought an old motorcycle frame that he found in a junk heap. The owner was glad to get rid of it. When the new owner tried to buy some parts for it (which required the ID number) he got a surprise. Someone from the manufacturer called him and offered to buy it; then others wanted it. Engraved on the frame under the seat were the words, “For Elvis, love, Priscilla” He made quite a profit with that bike.

Looking for a cabinet to replace the old one; the couple came across one of the most beautiful ones they had ever seen. It cost much more that they wanted to spend, but both agreed that they had to have this one. As it was being brought into the house, they recognized the markings on the back. They had just bought back their old cabinet that someone had refurbished.

“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:22-23

What a wonderful Savior. After he has been ignored, rejected, and even replaced by some; His glory has not changed. He is still the Rock on which we stand, and the Cornerstone by which we build our life. When all other things have disappointed and failed; Jesus will still be there. What is our profit if we gain the world and not have Jesus?

“I need Jesus, my need I now confess; no friend like Him in times of deep distress; I need Jesus, the need I gladly own; though some may bear their load alone, yet I need Jesus.”

Grace and Peace, Rev Ray

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