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  • February 21, 2021 Sunday Morning Worship First Sunday in Lent
  • Jerry Wilson debuts his newest song "In These Times" that he wrote during pandemic.
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Rev. Ray's March 5, 2021 Devotion 

The Bible tells us that God is not mocked, and we reap what we sow. Reaping was never intended to be a dreaded task. Harvest time in the Bible was a time of rejoicing, even for those who had to sow the fields with tears. “Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them,” (Psalm 126:6)

A friend once told me his experience of sowing and harvesting. It happened when he was a young man many years ago. His Father sent him to plant corn. It was Saturday and he could go to the movie when he got done. When it looked like he was not going to get finished in time for the movie, he buried the remaining seed in a tree stump. The movie was fun, but when the stump started growing corn, he had a price to pay.

I am fearful that in many ways American Christianity is reaping a harvest of careless planting. Seed that could have produced much good is now ruined by not being sown. And the weeds of our neglect will not be ignored.

Where have the giants of faith gone? Where are the prayer warriors who could pray down heaven itself? And where is the lifestyle that is distinctly Christian? One of goodness, kindness, and the Holy Life?

Our children and grandchildren are inheriting the faith we were charged to preserve. Will we give them a fruitful field, or empty rows and stumps full of careless religion? I do not mean for this to have a negative tone, but sometimes the rubber must meet the road. Souls are dying, children are crying; and the Great Commission is buried in a stump somewhere.

We still have a charge to keep, and a God to glorify. Another man told me his cornfield story that happened when he was a young man. He walked to the little country schoolhouse for another day of school, but the building had burned during the night. Walking back home with “visions of fishing” dancing in his head; he saw his Father hoeing corn. He told him what had happened to the school, but his Dad never looked up from his labor, and his only words were, “Well, grab a hoe and get to work.” Maybe it is time for us to do the same.

I have not heard this song in a long time:





Grace and Peace, Rev Ray

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