Rev. Ray's October 12, 2021 Devotion
October 12, 2021, 9:08 AM

“Give glory to the LORD your God before he brings darkness, before your feet stumble on the twilight-mountains, and while you look for light, he turns it into gloom and makes it deep darkness.” Jeremiah 13:16

One of the wonderful experiences of living around these parts is seeing the “Twilight Mountains.” The sunset gives way to a silhouette of mountain shapes, and then the darkness of night.

Jeremiah’s words are from one of the most poetical passages in the Bible, yet he gives them as a warning. The twilight mountains are dreaded if the sunrise is canceled for the next day.

God’s people had been living in the noontime with little regards toward Him. The same thing can happen to any of us. We can just get too busy to have time for God.

Our Lord is the “Bright and Morning Star” that turns the darkness of night into a new day. The morning is one of those things that we take for granted, but what would happen if one morning the sun did not rise? It is also true that we may take God’s grace for granted and assume that he will always answer when we call and come running after we have ruined so much good by neglecting our faith.

The plea was that the people would come back to God. If not, darkness will surely come; not because God wanted it, but because the people chose it. I love the twilight-mountains, but I also love the Bright and Morning Star. For the sake of our children and all those whose tomorrow is affected by the way we live today; let us today and everyday live a life that gives glory to God.

Grace and Peace, Rev Ray

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