“Be not afraid, only believe” Mark 5:36

Visible circumstances speak with a loud penetrating voice. They can show us every reason to give up and walk away from Christ. Faith shows no pictures for evidence. It makes no demands for attention. It whispers a soft voice with a repeated message: “Trust God with this.” Unbelief says, “Throw up your hands,” but faith says, “Lift up your heart.”

Jairus had come to Jesus as a desperate man. His daughter was so sick that she might die and Jesus was the only hope that he had. The Lord is always willing to go with anyone who is seeking Him, so they walked together back to the anxious home. As they went they met messengers who brought him the worst news that a person could hear; JESUS OVERHEARD IT ALSO. I find great comfort in knowing that as we walk with Jesus, He can listen in on our conversations. Jairus did not even have to tell Him.

"Be not afraid, only believe." If another person had said those words it would have been little comfort, but Jesus said them as one who was in control. Everything else was loudly saying, “give up: "Why bother with Jesus now?"

I write while knowing how real this text is to several of you. People whose faith I admire because you trust the OVERHEARING JESUS, and you have kept on walking when everything around you said give up. I know because I have been with so many of you at those times, and I have personally witnessed your faith.

Tragedy gave way to victory, death lost its grip, and weeping became joy; all because Jesus said, "ARISE!" This story ends in a house, in a room where only believers could go. There was a family holding on to each other, and friends were rejoicing. In the middle of it all was Jesus: I call that Heaven.

Keep walking, keep believing. The pathway of Christ never ends with death or sadness, but life and joy. The Lord has a special message for some of you today. You are going to get through this. “Be not afraid, only believe.”

Grace and Peace, Rev Ray (Mark 5:21-24, 35-43)

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