A man had died in poverty. He and his wife had lived in a house that was in disrepair; and there was no one else to call, family or friend. The funeral director had asked a pastor to help with the service.

His wife had gone into a nearby field and picked wildflowers, and then she tied a shoe string around them and placed them on the top of the casket. They were beautiful because each time she picked a flower her heart was saying, "I love you."

There is nothing more costly, yet more affordable, than love. Neither wealth nor poverty has any power over it. No one is too high to possess more of it, and no one is too low to be denied it. Real love doesn't come in large, medium, or small.

We are taught to "Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself." That's the way it is in the Bible; and that's the way it is to be with us. Jesus taught us that if we get these two things right, then everything else that a Christian should be (and do) will fall into place.

There is only one place we can obtain that kind of love. Get it anywhere else and it is imitation. No matter how real it looks, it is not. (You will never see bees working artificial flowers.) "We love Him because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19). Real love comes from God. He has exclusive rights to it, and it is His gift to us.

There would have been no flowers for that woman to pick that day if God had not first planted them on a Tennessee hill. There would be no love that could save us had God not first loved us from Calvary's hill.

Grace and Peace, Rev Ray

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